Below are some of the questions we've commonly received
concerning our App`s & our cinema games


What is this thing

CineGame is a phone app that allows you to interact with the big screen in select cinemas. Look for the CineGame logo next time you go to the movies. Cinegame is running before the movie, so be there in good time, and you will have a good time playing against the other cinema audience, and win great prizes.
When you are not at the theater you can find some off-cinema fun under the fun icon in the lower menu.

How to play in the Cinema

When you are in the movie theater you need to punch in the 4 digit code shown on the big screen. When you press OK you will join the game on your mobile. From here you interact with the game on the big screen by answering the quiz questions or controlling your avatar using the mobile phone.

How to play Trailer Quiz

The Trailer Quiz is an in-app quiz that can be played anywhere, even when you're not in a cinema. Playing the quiz allows you to earn Gold Coins or sometimes win cool prizes.

PRIZES - - - - >

Won a prize with anonymous login, and now it's gone?

If you win a prize while logged in with anonymous login, you can only see the prize as long as you are logged in anonymous.
Prizes won while logged in with Facebook is locked to Facebook account.
Prizes you have won while logged in anonymous is locked to the phone. You must therefore be logged in the same way as you won the prize when you want to use the prize. Please note that we can’t guarantee to restore anonymous accounts.

My prize is gone

Reasons for your prize is gone:

  • You can have change Facebook account. Your price is associated with your Facebook account

  • Your prize has expired. All prizes in a Cinemataztic game has an expiration date

  • You have used the prize on another device with the same Facebook account

  • You do not have the latest version of the app. (It’s a go idea to allowed the app to update automatically

  • You have won a prize when you are logged in as a child, the prize will disappear if you log in with Facebook. But do not worry, just log out of your app so it’s no longer connected to Facebook, then your prize will be back in the app.

If this did not help you can fill out this form so we can look into the problem.

I won in a game, but got no prize?

For us to assign you your prize your app needs be connected to the Cinema screen at the moment the prize is awarded.
So if an app crash occur or if it loses the network connection, you will not receive a prize.

But do not worry, your prize is locked to your Facebook account and we can always restore it.
Try uninstalling the app from your phone and then install it again.

Still no prize? Fill out this form

FACEBOOK - - - - >

Can not sign in with Facebook

A few users experience that they can not log in with Facebook, this is Facebook that teases.
Most often It happens just after changing the Facebook password.
This is solved by:

  1. Go here And remove our app

  2. Delete our app from your phone

  3. Get our app from the App store and install it again.

Why should I use Facebook to log in with?

Facebook is used as login to prevent inappropriate pictures on the Cinema screen. \nFacebook has a very fine screening process that makes sure you can not have a profile picture that may be offensive to others.\n\nWe are working on new login options but can not currently disclose when these will be available.


No profile image on the cinema screen

This can happen if there is a delay between facebook and the cinema, and the screen does not receive the avatar picture in time.
But it can also happen if the permission to receive the facebook picture is revoked for some reason.
You can fix this by visiting Find App’s and Remove our app from the list.
Delete our app from your phone and download it again.

I can not log on the game in the cinema

The typical error is the app has not been updated. It’s a go idea to set your CinemaTaztic app to auto update. That way you are sure that it always works.

On iPhone:
Tap Settings> iTunes & App Store. -If you are not already logged in, log in with your Apple ID. -Select the APP to be transferred automatically.

On Android:
Open the Google Play Store app Google Play. -Press the menu icon Google Play Store Menu Icon> Settings. -Press Auto-update apps.

Why is my phone not supported?

Cinegame sometimes uses the technology called Augmented Reality (AR) This is not supported on all phones.

  • All iPhones from 6S and up supports AR

  • Google is providing a list of all Android phones that are certified: